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From the Iraq Front

Profound Classics

  • Ace Of Spades: Why Language Matters
    In this article, Ace of Spades demonstrates how the writing style of "journalists" and other writers is purposely used to influence the electorate. He explains this far better than I have been able to do, but this is the foundation of why I could no longer be silent.

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  • SFC(ret) Frank Antenori

    Reads like an action novel, but gives insight into the way a Special Forces team operates. Go Along as an SF Medic turned Team Sergeant Trains and Fights in Afghanistan and the Invasion of Iraq.

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Jay B. Born

Excellent book. Very disturbing, though. It confirms the worst of what most Americans believe about the war. The question stands: who is accountable - Bush, Obama, Rumsfeld, Gates, Mullen, Petraeus?? My vote is - all of them. Obama will probably be reelected, although he has kept his campaign promise to pull out of Afghanistan, and Petraeus is our CIA Director. The others are retired.

NS Webster

Bush and Rumsfeld thought the war was won in 2002, and decided to have a second war. Everything that followed came from those poor decisions.

It amazes me that people actually see the Republican Party as a valid choice...considering they put us in this mess.

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