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  • Ace Of Spades: Why Language Matters
    In this article, Ace of Spades demonstrates how the writing style of "journalists" and other writers is purposely used to influence the electorate. He explains this far better than I have been able to do, but this is the foundation of why I could no longer be silent.

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Shadow of the Sword

  • The Longest War - John Holmes,
  • SSgt Jeremiah Workman

    SSgt Workman is featured in the Hall of Heroes and a book review on this from Marine Till Death that read it as it was written: and links to prior articles.

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The Man Behind War On Terror News reluctantly ended his years of silence six months after my most recent return from Afghanistan. A Viet Nam era colleague had warned me that our Citizens had turned sour but I assured him that I had learned the lessons from his generation and was prepared for it.

I was not. I assessed the situation and realized I could no longer be quiet but found a way to remain in the shadows to some degree, here on the internet, semi-anonymously.

I have found a way to keep the American People informed without endangering our Troops or Monday Morning Quarterbacking our Generals. I deal in facts and try to stay away from speculation.

In my "Know Your Enemy" Series, I provide the wider issues including culture and region of the nature behind our current conflicts. In the "Daily Report" I provide the REAL headlines from Iraq, as seen and written by the Troops on the Ground

Our Veterans and Soldiers have EARNED every penny and every benefit promised them and much more. MsMarti highlights those charities and companies that help our Veterans and Soldiers as well as active ways to do so for all citizens.

MarineTillDeath highlights the heroism of our Troops and ShariaVigilant highlights the enemy we face. There are sure to be more authors added to this page in the future.

All of us actively Support Our Troops and the Mission. We represent 3 branches of Military Service and one very critical civilian Non-Profit started by the granddaughter of General Patton.

By supporting the businesses that advertise here, you support our Troops. A minimum of 10% but up to 100% of all money's generated here go to the Troop and Veteran supporting Charities that each of the authors identify as their own favorite.

By Supporting the Businesses highlighted here as Supporting Our Troops, you reward Responsible Corporate Citizens that are doing their part to keep our Nation strong, though, at present, there is no financial reward to this page or its authors.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. We are real people with real experiences and provide this information as an educational service to the American People who wish to know the true story of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as how they can actively Support Our Troops.

"Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser." General George Patton. Why is the Media trying to portray our Troops as Losers and Psychotics when the truth is they are Generous, Fair, Victorious, and Valorous? There is no safer place to be than next to one of our Veterans.


actively support the mission, support our troops