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From the Iraq Front

Profound Classics

  • Ace Of Spades: Why Language Matters
    In this article, Ace of Spades demonstrates how the writing style of "journalists" and other writers is purposely used to influence the electorate. He explains this far better than I have been able to do, but this is the foundation of why I could no longer be silent.

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In Memoriam

« Unity of Effort in #SOT Is More Important than A Hashtag | Main | Spotlight on a #SOT @US_Fallen #HonorTheFallen #MoS »



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My tendency is to agree with you RE: #SOT, and exactly for the reasons you stated. From a marketing standpoint, too, it's just easier to remember and recognize, not to mention less likely to get 'mixed up' with other things. Many #Military posts are news, and while many of the #SOT posts are as well, they do tend (or are intended) to focus on supporting, thanking, and honouring the troops. Moreover, as you have also pointed out previously, since it's so short, it's a lot less likely to get chopped off or have to be chopped off. Personally, #SOT is my favourite. Especially since "Honouring Our Troops", or #HOT, could be taken in quite the wrong way.


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